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They are extremely common and some people have a genetic tendency to develop them whilst others develop them from hormonal exposure or excess sun exposure.

The removal of unwanted thread veins and broken capillaries on the face, legs and decollete area can be treated very effectively with lasers, IPL and sclerotherapy. We will be happy to see you for a consultation to assess your suitability for vein treatments and to advise which treatment is most appropriate. Sclerotherapy is the gold standard treatment for thread veins affecting the legs.

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The procedure involves a series of micro-injections into the vein using a tiny needle. A sclerosing agent is injected into the vein that causes the lining of the vein to swell so that blood cannot flow through the vein. It is actually the blood in the veins that makes them visible not the vein itself.

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  4. Sclerotherapy will prevent blood from getting into the vein by sealing off the vein so that blood is prevented from getting through and the vein then disappears over time. The number of treatments needed for leg thread veins varies from person to person. Some people get a good improvement after only 1 treatment whilst others may need treatments every weeks.

    Your clinician can advise you further after your initial consultation. After the treatment your legs may look a little red and maybe a little swollen. This is normal and will settle down in a few days. These can be purchased in our clinic or are available online or in certain pharmacies. Short wave diathermy, also known as electrocoagulation, is a quick and safe procedure that effectively removes facial thread veins.

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    A very fine needle is used to prick the skin and then a small electrical current is passed through the needle that heats up the blood in the vein and seals the vein shut. Over the course of the next few weeks the vein simply withers, the blood disperses and the vein becomes less noticeable. Get in touch and start your journey to being the best you. Book a free consultation. Request a brochure. If you are ready to start your journey, we can book you in at a time and date that suits you to start your transformation.

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    The minimum age for any consultation and a surgical procedure is It is not possible to proceed with treatment if you become pregnant. For reassurance, read our privacy policy.

    What is Leg Thread Vein Removal?

    Transform has always been committed to helping people be the best they can be. Our surgeons are fully qualified to perform your varicose vein removal treatment.

    Each year they perform thousands of procedures with Transform and between January and March alone, they helped numerous patients through varicose vein removal treatment. Vein Avulsion treatment can take longer than the other two. During your consultation, a review of your past and present medical history is discussed.

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    The Consultant or nurse will choose the pre-operative tests considered to be appropriate, most of which are typically routine blood tests. If necessary, the medical team may request further tests, before treatment commences. One of our highly qualified consultant vascular surgeons will carry out the varicose vein removal procedure. Slight discomfort is normal. We should point out that pain thresholds vary from patient to patient.

    It is common to experience bruising and swelling in the early post operative period, this is entirely normal and will settle down naturally. Following varicose vein removal treatment, most patients can walk and be discharged on the same day as their treatment and are able to continue normal activities.

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    We at Transform, work to ensure that we minimise the risks involved. What is Leg Thread Vein Removal? Which Leg Thread Vein treatment is right for you? Pricing The prices shown are starting prices and exact price will be confirmed in consultation where treatment options, suitability and expected results will be discussed.

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