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The first disadvantage is they do not throw off any income as the capital is stored in the bond. In some countries the imputed interest may be taxed as income even though the bond has not yet been redeemed or reached maturity.

Bond Yield Calculator

The IRS requires zero-coupon bond holders to pay tax on the "phantom" imputed interest income just as they would if they had received coupon payments, even though there wasn't any interest paid to the bond holder. For the subsequent years you would start with the base from prior years to calculate the new imputed interest value. The second major disadvantage is when interest rates rise significantly they can see a drastic decline in capital value, as they have a significant duration risk because no capital is paid out until the bond reaches maturity risk remains embedded in the instrument until it is redeemed.

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Bonds can be traded on the secondary market, with valuations reflecting the current interest rate envirnoment. Treasury Instruments Bills, Notes, Bonds Many people refer to any fixed-income treasury instrument as a bond, however the duration determines the specific name.

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Bills: These mature in 1 year or less. Longer duration bonds are more sensitive to shifts in interest rates. And zero-coupon long duration bonds are more sensitive to rate shifts than bonds which regularly pay interest. Typically the yield curve is upward sloping with longer duration bonds offering a higher return to compensate for the added risk. When shorter duration bonds offer a higher yield than longer duration bonds that is called yield curve inversion.

If investors are willing to lock their money up for a longer period of time at low rates it usually indicates they think there might be significant economic risks ahead. Inversion frequently happens anywhere from about 6 to 18 months before a recession happens.

Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) Definition

The most widely watched segment is the 2-year versus the year. This limitatio does not apply to rollover reinvestment. Rate data sources: Treasury. Some municipal bonds are exempt from income taxes, which boost their equivalent yield when compared against other bonds.

Coupon Math: Calculating Percent Saved

Gift purchases are attributed to the recipient. The Treasury also offers zero-percent certificate of indebtedness C of I which can be used to fund TreasuryDirect purchases. There are mutliple popular long-duration bond ETFs for investors seeking to track the market in a liquid form without purchasing bonds directly. Investors who believe longer duration rates are likely to fall can also buy exposure to long duration zero-coupon Treasuries using ETFs. If rates rise the converse is true - zero-coupon bonds will be hit much harder than other bonds.


After the financial crisis of central banks became far more aggressive participants in financial markets. Negative yields mean the lender pays the borrower to borrow. A negative yielding zero coupon bond would have an investor buying it at above par, paying more than face value. As crazy as it sounds, negative yielding bonds can still appreciate if rates go more negative than they already have, because that would mean bonds currently in circulation have higher yields than newly issued bonds. Calculate Zero-coupon Bond Purchase Price. Zero Coupon Bond Calculator Zero coupon bonds do not pay interest throughout their term. Entering Years: For longer duration bonds enter the number of years to maturity. Entering Months: For shorter duration bonds enter the number of months to maturity.

Advantages of Zero-coupon Bonds Most bonds typically pay out a coupon every six months. This came up on the second page of search results — everything else was financial and investment stuff — and this was just perfect! By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data including your e-mail address and cookies by this website. See our Privacy Policy.

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