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Mira Mesa Automotive Repair is here to help. We are a certified smog repair shop.

When the time comes for the state required smog test, this can be an annoying hassle to complete. Request Appointment. By stopping you from freely moving on a public roadway, the government has seized your property for inspection without a warrant justifying such seizure. The story is missing some details. If this is all voluntary, what is the point of doing it?


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Not all vehicles in the state are subject to Smog Check, depending on where they are registered, for those that are, no further checking should be necessary. I thought the Bureau of Auto Repair was established to keep crooked repair shops from victimizing the public. But it is now gathering data for some vague purpose.

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Know what I think? It's just another state bureaucracy that exists to provide jobs, and probably overpaid jobs at that. IOW, a waste of tax dollars.

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Deja vu all over again! I went. I thought his action was pretty classy, and still do 51 years later. Yes you do actually have to stop. You actually gave consent when you signed your drivers license.

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Now if you read the whole article you would see that doing the check was voluntary. When I was 15 with my permit, I remember car inspections. They would check your headlights, tires, and other safety related items.

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We are a family run business located We offer honest and reliable auto repair, and we like to think we do it right. I had brought my car in to do an oil change - I already knew that my oil pan bolt was stripped because some idiots at Midas used an air pressure gun to tighten the bolt and damaged the pan to the point where it was leaking oil.

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Hai got me the oil change and found a simple fix for the oil Pam issue so it no longs er leaks all that for less than !!! Best service ever!!! Highly recommend for honest and reliable service!!!

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