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Eftel – The Best Alternative to TPG | Compare Broadband

Share Tweet. Washington D. For their direct retail plans, Eftel offers the Duo Range — big plans with everything thrown in. More importantly, Eftel does the right thing and will not charge for over-usage a trap that can really ruin your whole year — but they will shut you right down. No slower speeds or limited access- Your connection will stop dead. Eftel might own part of Dodo.

Or Vice Versa. Or they just work together a lot. But their plans are almost identical; Eftel just has a better reputation for customer service and support as does Club Telco. Nevertheless, it should be noted that Dodo offers almost everything that both Club Telco and Eftel offer, as well as several other service gas, electricity, mobile, etc.

Dodo is making a determined effort to rehabilitate their troubled image, and overall still offer some of the best broadband, phone and mobile plans available. But they come with free Frozen Yoghurt, which they call Froghurt! Anyway, TPG is still the best option for most customers who need unlimited data, little fuss, and short contracts.

Worth mentioning - much of Eftel's network is made from pieces of TPG's wholesale network. Make of that what you will. For rural customers, Club Telco offers the best deal for a big, heavy use connection.

Call us on for general enquiries and to see which providers are available in your area! Enter your contact details and one of our friendly staff will get back to you at your requested time. Our service is free. Read more. I have been a customer of Eftel for more than ten years originally with Q-net until they merged with Eftel and the main reason I stayed with them was because I was on the unlimited Freedom ADSL plan, which was indeed unlimited with no soft caps.

Towards the las few years I was with them, they TWICE made extra charges on my credit card without my consent and it was a huge hassle to If you look at the eftel retail website, you should smell a fish. On nbn, if there is a service to you, then it is 25mbps and above. What is the speed range? Today's modem routers do not tell you at what speed the router status is, and speed test is the approximate. I experience exactly the same thing as this customer, this time is May , and it can appear to be a On average the internet goes down once a month, then I spend up to 5 days trying to get a tech to check the line after going through the whole dulling fault finding process.

Eftel do not raise a job when they say so and the support line doesn't seem to be open in favour of WA times. Avoid Eftel at all costs and do not get in to a 2 year contract with them! After an initial problem with getting the interment to work about 10 phone calls getting told every time its my problem computer too old - brought anew one, modem not compatible-tried someone else's, fault on the line - my side so I need to pay for someone to fix after all that the last person I spoke to put me on hold for 5 mins and said try that Glad I didn't buy a new modem or pay for a phone tech.

I am happy with the service and the price since I can now use it:. Price, free pendo pad which arrived after about 5 weeks Technical support overseas and not all know what they are doing.

Eftel wholesale support stockings

One week on and the ability to receive emails is still non-existant. Despite repeated calls and email to their Phillipines based support staff who are very polite but just repeat the same jargon "it is with our network support team" or "it is with our advanced network support team" we still are nowhere. Still waiting for it to start and called them today for them to tell me that it will be another 6 days approx. Cant tell me why and all they could say is that the guy who signed me up should have told me this..

Not a great start and very unhelpful on the phone. Signed up 3 wks ago and still waiting for modem.

Eftel internet deals

Called last week and was told sales person hadn't actioned the software delivery. Seems like they are just adding a wk to what every date I call!! Still haven't got it after being told wk days for modem and days for connection. I contacted Eftel for broadband internet and telephone connection.

I provided all contact and credit details.

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I was promised connection within 21 days. Weeks passed and several phone calls were made to ascertain why no connection was provided. I spent ages on phone being bandied around from Sales to Admin depts whilst haveing to listen to vile music. Each operator asked me the same Q's over and over again. After a month, one operator said they had no details of my request.


I had to go thru the whole process again! I was assured I would have a I am a very satisfied client, I have had a very positive experience with these people, and any problems from connectivity to account payments have been dealt with courteously, efficiently, and respectfully - all very important to an old guy like myself. As a pensioner, account timings do not always match my pension dates, and I have always had understanding extension of time to match up with my pension dates.

Technical issues have occurred, and been dealt with very quickly - one issue was due to Optus backbone problems, yet even that was examin I'm no stereotype mate, but a fair dinkum Queenslander with 64 years under my belt. I have always found that courtesy and respect is repaid in kind. I'm a proud Aussie, and under that hat is a balding Didn't have internet for months. They go through optus and optus through Telstra Sales people are different to the customer service reps You will have no phone or internet, good luck trying to contact them I have been with EfTel since my Bigfoot account was taken over by them and til recently had an adequate service.

I have never fu enjoyed the speeds that ADSL should provide, but was told that the rates were within their speicifications. Most recently I have been without ADSL having to reply on the emergency dial-up account that I was provided with on nthfirst occasionthat the service went down. Since 11th of April I have tallied nearly 85 hours using this flity dueto their inability to resolve the issue. Ineffective corporate systems to deal with accounts issues and with Telstra from whom they buy their services.

I was a customer of letsgo. The customer service received from eftel since then has been poor to say the least. In this time they have increased the price of our plan and decreased the data limit.

europeschool.com.ua/profiles/wijyhume/amsterdam-los-viajeros.php What is worse is that they have done these things in a less than open fashion. Eftel have communicated price rises by emails that are poorly worded and hide their meaning in cloudy language. Their billing system is less clear and it took a few months to get the automatic payment set up. The support desk line has always long queue like one hour, even I emailed them they ignored, and finally someone phoned me but asked me same questions again and said he can only work for business hour but I am working as full time job He said he can't come to fix after hours because he is not employed by Eftel at the end!

Seriously, I strongly recommend you don't use their services. The service they provide to customers is appauling, they make simple tasks very problematic and are not helpfull at all. There are no pros to this company. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with.