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The masterminds behind Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar have rolled out a suite of spectacular deals on army boxes for the holiday season, all of which make incredible gifts for the wargamer in your life.

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The Seraphon, an ancient race of magical lizard-folk, are coming in force with the Starclaw Strikehost. And the other Battleforces are no different.

Rob Buys Mystery Box Opening - This Week : Games Workshop

When it comes to Warhammer 40K, GW has done even better. There are a whopping SIX Battleforce boxes for the factions of the grim future, and all of them are similar cash-saving deals.

Warhammer 40k bits id

I know several people who use these and they work generally fine. Are they good?

If you actually want a half-decent airbrush set-up in the future, start with a decent compressor and get this kit. Expect it to last about 3 months or less with heavy use. So for the Airbrush itself.

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This goes hand in hand with the product below. This model is perfect for a Camera, a tablet or a phone. If you want to take better pictures of your miniatures, Pick up a portable photo studio. The interior is reflective which will balance the light across your models. Another thing rarely considered by hobbyists is their seating posture.

New Paints

This starter kit is the exact one I have and I love it. The Vallejo range is a highly praised brand. The Game Colour range are some of the brighter hues available in Vallejos signature formula.

Another 50% OFF Deal From Games Workshop?

As I said with the lights above, lighting is one of the most under-considered yet most important tools in any hobbyists toolkit. This lamp is one of the best. Follow FauxHammer by subscribing to the site below.

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