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It is filled with passion and affection. That is how Zane Young, a biking enthusiast and manager at Sport Motorcycles describes biking. He has been riding for as long as he can remember, he reckons since he was as young as three or four.

In The Market For A Used Motorcycle?Try Looking For One Of These!

His father was also a racer and this ignited the love and thrill he gets from off-road biking and racing. Choosing a motorcycle for him, as with most people, is slightly influenced by the aesthetic appeal but the specifications and features of the bike take priority. This can start from a basic inexpensive bike right to your high-end machines that can go for millions of shillings.

Biking that’s more than a love affair

You could choose an on-road bike, off road bike or a dual sport bike. For beginners, there is the challenge of the perfect starter bike. This is the bike that you will cut your teeth with. An inexpensive bike low cc horsepower is one that professionals advocate for.

Michael says a cc to cc motorcycle would be the best because it has the less power and therefore easier to manage. It takes about three months to be comfortable and confident on the road if practising daily, while intermittent practice will take about six months. Michael however did not follow his own advice when he started riding. His starter bike was a powerful beast with cc.

Cheapest Beginner Motorcycle to Buy - Tips, Ideas & Recommended Bikes

For amateurs, a bike with ABS anti-lock braking system will reduce your chances of falling over when you hit the emergency breaks. South Africa has a wide variety of motorcycles and the owners sell them at reasonable prices. The UK has reliable and good quality bikes which are well kept while the US is a convenient alternative.

2019 Naked Middleweight Bike Group Test - 4K

Due to the legislation on emissions, Japan is not a good bet for second-hand bikes as the bikes tend to be less powerful. The challenge for own importers is the hassle of clearing it at customs. The duty is pre-calculated by Kenya Revenue Authority depending on the age, cc and value of the bike. Buying locally means that the bike is already registered. Mike De Souza, the sales manager at Bavaria Auto says the most popular motorcycles are the dual-purpose bikes and sports bikes.

In fact, dirt ovals are popping up all over the place thanks to a strong following on social media.

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Indian is the first manufacturer to capitalize on the trend with a street-legal, factory-made option. In fact, some say the highest of any Indian to date. The base model will offer black paint only both frame and bodywork and a simple round speedometer, while the S comes in various liveries including the Race version with Indian red frame and white tank panels with a 4.

This machine was inspied by the bike that has amassed four consecutive World Superbike Championships for the Kawasaki Racing Team. In fact, it might even be the most formidable, road-legal, and naturally aspirated motorcycle on the planet.

Sports bikes set to get pricier in Nepal

It is definitely the most hardcore version of the Ninja ever made. Though aesthetically it looks an awful lot like its predecessor, the new ZXRR offers greater power, a more generous power band, and an increase in torque. The suspension has also been tweaked for better handling. It's said to be a thrill-a-second to ride.

1. Suzuki GSX-R1000 K5/K6 2005-06

After 13 years on the sidelines, Suzuki is resurrecting one of its most iconic models, the Katana. Not your typical crotch rocket, the all-new Katana features sleek Eighties styling, a proven cc inline-four engine derived from the to GSX-R, and approachable ergonomics thanks to a more upright riding position.

Sport Touring

The powerplant has been tweaked to deliver smoother throttle response and a broader torque band, so the bike is more capable yet easier to ride in everyday situations. Modern enhancements include a three-mode traction control system which can be turned all the way off and a centrally mounted LCD info screen. Yamaha is looking to redefine the three-wheeler concept with the Niken Leaning Multi-Wheel motorcycle.

Tips for cheap bike insurance

It is basically a conventional motorcycle from the headstock back. Upfront, however, it has two wheels that lean and turn just like a regular motorcycle. If you have ever felt a little nervous bending a bike into a corner in which traction might be compromised by gravel, oil, water, or any other slippery substance, the two wheels double the size of the front contact patch for greater safety and traction.

Those who have ridden the trike say it corners as if on rails, even over cold, dirty, wet, or uneven surfaces. All of my friends either wanted one or had one when I was a kid. The Honda Monkey was the quintessential minibike.

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The pint-sized bike was originally created as an amusement park ride, and got its name from the way people looked riding it. The all-new Monkey captures that same spirit in a completely modernized package. Unthinkable decades ago, the Monkey is now equipped with an electric starter, disc brakes at both wheels, electronic fuel injection, LED lighting, and an LCD gauge that features a speedometer, odometer, fuel level, and two trip meters.

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  4. Mom, can I have one? This has been an exciting year in the two-wheeled world, especially for women riders. I have been covering automobiles and the culture that celebrates them for more than two decades. My work has appeared in a variety of national and international publica.