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Like I did, this is what I was implying. Thanks for posting and spreading the savings! All the best. Yeah I have looked but if you are switching between trackers it'll work, but it makes it pointless if you choose a product with fees. Its an interesting proposition and to be honest if they drop the 2 year tracker I'm going to give it a go and see if I get it again.

I wonder how often you can get this. If your in a tracker you could technically switch a few times a year if the rates hold. Could prove an interesting loophole. A fiver off will bring BP fuel down to the price of other stations. BP always seems the most expensive! Takes 3 days to show in your account. They are having teething troubles , as the first time I tried it 2 weeks ago my card was declined! It appears to be account specific or maybe once per account as I haven't got the offer this time round :. I wish I didn't have a nationwide account, just so I could be recommended and come back 8 great building society.

My mum and dad passed away weeks apart last year and I had nothing but a positive experience from them. From when I seen the advisor to when the accounts were closed, everything was hassle free and the advisor was empathetic and was professional and dealt with everything which made me move my banking to them. Suppose everyone will have a different experience. Can't tar with the same brush. I wouldn't take much notice of the Trustpilot score. None of their millions of satisfied customers are going to go on Trustpilot to say anything positive, Why would they?

Nobody has asked their opinions. Only people who have had a bad experience are going to post there. I don't doubt the genuineness of the negative reviews but you aren't hearing about the positive experiences. The link below is to their most recent poll. Gutted I missed this one. Good shout out.

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Stopped using the credit card because Visa kept blocking the card for online transactions, even for large reputable companys that I'd used before. CS said there was nothing that they could do about it. Shame that they can't even let you know that the card is blocked. Other cards will send an aceess code via text.

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Nationwide cuts cashback scheme – Which? News

For some reason the mods reviewed it, and in doing so, it is no longer showing as a response to a question by him. This is the 'Future Saver Account' we are talking about, that I posted. Not the 'Flex Regular Saver' that this post is about. I am pretty certain that you can add 5k per year. I was told that when I opened mine, and that the interest is paid on the whole amount, calculated each day on the total balance.

The interest rate is variable, so can change depending on the B of E rates. On their site it states I suggest you give them a call. Just saw this account on the website.

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If you roll into the second year and deposit a further 5k to bring total up to say 10k, the 3. Any ideas? Mega grief, and the credit could so I was told today take 30 days to hit our accounts. It even resulted in a tesco home delivery being cancelled, even when the order was ON the van, out for delivery fierce. You don't necessarily need to close it you can just open another one making sure the first one is past its maturity or you can close it and open another one y. I tried to use this offer last time it was posted but my closest BP in Woodford green had issues with BPme service for over the course of the promotion.

I wonder if it's fixed now It appears a lot of messing around though- BPme really! I fail to see any advantage in the scheme apart from this fiver :D. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Posted 17th Oct Posted 17th Oct.

I know there's certain online providers that will give you a higher rate of interest but just had a email that they have just released this savings account.

Credit card interest rates

Mike Ah I don't think they do that anymore - and haven't been with them for 15 years. Nationwide 1. Better rates with other online banks but for a high … Read more.

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KongDonkey 15 Get deal Get deal. Posted 8th Sep Posted 8th Sep. Sharpharp The Cold votes will be because this is a one-time use only offer, if you've had this previously you can't re-apply down the line. Posted 11th Jul Posted 11th Jul. DazLFC 2. Posted 26th Jun Posted 26th Jun. Well I posted this same deal over a year ago but it's still the same so thought I'd re-share. No brainer free money in my view First of all Mrepg How do you get one of those ; -.

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Posted 21st Mar Posted 21st Mar. You can have one withdrawal every account year so better having it fixed in. You've got to be with them for … Read more. Anon32 Apart from nationwide just closed its regular saver account. Deal Alerts!

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Want the hottest deals in your inbox? Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. Posted 3rd Mar Posted 3rd Mar. BanjoBob You could have downloaded and used it in the time it took to write that post. DavidL Check that your local BP station is participating first. Posted 10th Feb Posted 10th Feb. Posted 26th Jan Posted 26th Jan. Rocknroiia Nice edit.