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Be sure to check out all the different ways to organize coupons , though.

April 23, at pm. I heard that if you are using different kinds of coupons there is an order for the scanning to get the correct amoun deducted. What kind of coupons should e scanned first and next? Thank you.

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April 24, at am. April 16, at pm. March 9, at am. March 10, at am. March 2, at pm. March 3, at am. Hi Sally. Unfortunately, produce and meat coupons are rare.

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Every so often, they do come around, but not as often as other coupons do. Just keep an eye out! We post a fresh produce SavingStar coupon every week, so be on the lookout for that. February 28, at am. February 24, at am. February 18, at am.

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February 19, at am. Everybody will differ in their price point on specific items. Hope this helps. February 13, at am. February 10, at pm. February 11, at am. February 10, at am. February 8, at pm. February 6, at pm. I am a little confused on some of the coupons on the coupon clippers. So are you saving one dollar or is that what the item cost with that coupon?

What is the handling fee for? January 28, at pm. Good only at Festival Foods — onalaska, holmen or la crosse. Hi Nikki. You can only use the coupon 5 times for 5 purchases, per family. January 14, at am. December 29, at pm. I have been using coupons for a few months. Actually saved some money…. I have a question… a while back someone had told me that things go on sale each month. Like toilet paper in a certain month, or summer items cookout type more in the summer months. I thought I would ask someone who would know more about it. And this site is terrific! So organized! December 30, at am.

Hi Kanna! Yes, we do have that resource. Check out all of our Seasonal Sales Cycle posts here. December 4, at am. There are varying opinions on that. Some people clip all coupons. Some people only clip what they need and save the rest of the insert in a filing system. It really just depends on what you prefer and what your organizational method is. November 22, at pm. November 23, at am.

All that means is that you have to have the required dollar or quantity amount that the coupon specifies.

Hope that helps! November 9, at pm. November 6, at pm. This is amazing!!! I do have a question tho, does every store do rainchecks?? November 7, at am. Most stores do rainchecks, but ask the manager to be sure. If the cashier tries to tell you that, ask for a manager. If the manager gives you troubles, go to corporate and politely explain to them your frustration that the store manager at your location is not educated on correct coupon usage. September 20, at am.

My best tip for anyone that does couponing and wants a binder the best thing i found was a craft binder. They seem to be bigger and your sheets doesnt get caught in the zipper. The baseball card sheets can usually be found at dollar tree. For anyone that has a harris teeter in their area they have a great coupon policy. They do double 2.

2. Read the fine print

But a good way around that is to have someone else in your family or friends to get a card and let you use theirs. I currently have 4 and only one belongs to me but this always me to go in and use 80 2. My last trip to harris teeter we got about 1, dollars worth of items groceries and hba for only about dollars. Luckily i currently recieve food stamps so almost all of it was used with the ebt card. Also harris teeter does accept ebt and coupons on clearance items.

If a item is on clearance for 4.

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They are also open 24 hours a day so go at midnight if you canpretty much no one will be there. July 28, at pm. July 30, at am. July 27, at pm.

Could someone please help me through it? Even if you find coupons that are good deals could you please take a couple seconds to email me them? I have an 8 month old and in the middle of house hunting on top of work so things are a bit to crazy for me and help would be amazing. They are very clearly laid out and explained. Walmart does not double coupons.

To find the best deals, follow along daily on this site. We post about 10 deals per day of the hottest coupons, store deals, and online deals. Hope that helps some. April 30, at pm. I love your website, and was very excited about my coupon book and all the money that I can save. The only thing is I cant seem to find any good deals.

I have been buying five papers for the last four Sundays and yesterday I had to throw away a whole stack of expired coupons!

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