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Defeat is not an option! As a former Joann's employee I can tell you that the pattern sales are always day sales on the weekends. Keep this in mind when looking through the flyer there is a new mailer and downloadable flyer every weeks - generally the pattern sale will be advertised on a page with like a "super weekend sale. I get emails and also I check my app on my phone, sometimes I see a coupon for patterns. I have always wondered it myself the schedule of the sales. Thank for posting this, very informative! My understanding, and what I've been told by these "in the know" people about the pattern sales at Joann's, is that they rotate and happen every week or every other week.

The Joann's app is the best thing since sliced bread because I kept on dropping off the mailer.

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I never buy anything full price - everything was already discounted so I never could use the coupons. Not sure if this was already said in the previous comments, but you can just go online to Joann's website and enter your zip code. Go to the flyer and type in patterns in the search box.

It will tell you which patterns are on sale for that weekend - it's Thursday night through Saturday usually. I saw Burda patterns on sale at Joann's last month I think so I'm holding out hope they will go on sale now and then from here on out. Another users of the JoAnne and Hancock websites. I go to the website, find the locate sales flyer and use the search box "patterns" and I check to see which patterns will be on sale.

I'm on their paper and pixel mailing lists, but I searching the sales flyers on the websites works best for me. I go to fabric land which happens to be five mins from my house on foot!

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I use the note pad app on my iphone of patterns i want, and when fabric land here in canada send out the emails, i go and stock up the ladies there laugh at me when i do this! Usually its just simplicty and new look though. I've also had no luck with getting on their mailing list at Jo Ann's I used to sew about 10 yrs ago and it was the same then. Guess they will never change?? Love the pattern sales and notions and thread sales.

A little sick of the fabric selection.

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I'm thinking of ordering online soon There was a recent discussion on PR about the new releases online. I know from empirical experience that they usually follow big online sales. And one member keeps track of this info.

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In the past 3 years, the new Fall releases came out mid-July. Since they seem to be late this year, let's say first week of August. We'll see if the pattern holds. I'm a costume designer and go to JoAnns pretty much daily. You can get the mailer, online and phone app adds. The best part about the phone and email coupons is that you can keep reusing them. On my way to and from work, I go by 3 JoAnns and will often hit all of them with the exact same coupon from my phone and email. Hancock's will add match, so if your pattern is out at your JoAnns and you take the add to Hancock's they will match the price.

I went to Vassar and I costumed a lot of theatre -that JoAnn's was my practically my second home. The pizza place across the hall when you walk in has excellent pizza and iced tea! The JoAnn's leaves much to be desired though, unfortunately. Even so, it drives me nuts, must be the 'I want it now' Gen Y inside of me. Like almost all the other commenters, I have a running list of patterns I 'need' want. Whenever I get an email letting me know of a good sale I buy all of the patterns in my list.

It's definately worth it - though in winter I'm always stressing about whether or not the patterns will arrive on a rainy day.

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Maybe someone has said this already, but I noticed a lot of people recommend getting on Joann's email list. I did that a while ago, but the emails never seemed to say if there was a pattern sale maybe there's a secret to it , and it was pretty impossible to get them to stop sending the emails once I figured out that I can just look at the flyers online.

Try living in Australia So even when there's a sale on, patterns are really expensive. A friend and I just shared the shipping costs of ordering 7 Vogue patterns online. The shipping was more than the patterns! But it still worked out far cheaper than even getting them on special over here. We also have a 'Jo-Anns' It always has a sale on, and you're a fool to buy anything full price unless you desperately need it NOW.

However, the good sales are crazy, we waited over an hour to have our fabric cut at the Easter sale.

Was worth it tho! Even if I'm not there the first day of the sale, I haven't had much of a problem. That said, the Poughkeepsie Jo-Ann's is rather depressing - a huge space that's not really as full as one might hope. The Kingston Jo-Ann's has slight more stock and different stock but it's actually dirty. Not the fabrics, but the floor - straight up dirt. I don't know why that bugs me but it does. Also, I can never find the trims I want at either.

So, I can't tell you why you aren't even though you've signed up. The nice thing about the relative lack of appeal about the Poughkeepsie and Kingston JoAnn's stores is that there are usually coupon fliers sitting in stacks by the front door.

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  • Something that I've not experienced at the other JoAnn's I've been to. As others may have said, pattern sales are announced in the fliers mailed to you and possibly the store fliers you can see on-line but I don't know. I've noticed that the pattern sale info on the joann flyers is usually very small and in a wierd corner. Like they want for us to work for the deals; My flyers usually have a small red box that says which patterns are on sale.

    My joanns doesn't seem to have these every month, every other month seems to be the pattern. I had no trouble getting on Jo Ann's list. But Hancock also has terrific sales and I've signed up twice without fruition. Our local JoAnn's pattern drawers are big disappointments. After searching through catalogues and narrowing it down to your selections, when you go to retrieve patterns, they never have the ones I want in stock or in my size.

    I gave up on that and buy patterns online. I enjoy your blog and think you do a great job describing your sewing techniques. The only thing is, I'm not that big on 50's style vintage clothing--which seems to be the styles that appeal to you. Bombshell dresses definitely wouldn't suit my no-cleavage boobs! I love mostly 20's and 30's, some 40's. These are all great tips!

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    I usually find out about Joann's sales thru the newsletter. However, I have another tip for you--if you live near a Hobby Lobby, they will routinely have 99 cent sales that last a whole week. I never have a problem finding ALL the patterns and sizing I want there because I don't think a lot of people know about it.